Jeremy Ferwerda

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Book Project:

The Politics of Proximity: Local Redistribution in Developed Democracies


Voting Rights and Immigrant Incorporation: Evidence from Norway
British Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming. With Henning Finseraas and Johannes Bergh. pdf

Improving Refugee Integration through Data-driven Algorithmic Assignment
Science, 2018. With K Bansak, J Hainmueller, A Dillon, D Hangartner, D Lawrence, J Weinstein. pdf

Explaining Public Opposition to Refugee Resettlement: The Role of NIMBYism and Perceived Threats
Science Advances, 2017. With DJ Flynn and Yusaku Horiuchi. pdf

KRLS: A Stata Package for Kernel-Based Regularized Least Squares
Journal of Statistical Software,, 2017. With Jens Hainmueller and Chad Hazlett. pdf

Political Devolution and Resistance to Foreign Rule: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
American Political Science Review, 2014. With Nicholas L. Miller. pdf | data | response

Electoral Consequences of Declining Participation: A Natural Experiment in Austria
Electoral Studies, 2014. pdf

Working Papers:

Immigration and Local Redistribution

Assessing Refugee Resettlement and Integration Outcomes (with Justin Gest)

Understanding the Determinants of Welfare Chauvinism (with Charlotte Cavaille)

Immigrant Voting Rights and Local Incumbency Advantage (with Guillermo Toral)

Benefits and Ballots: Explaining Trajectories of Citizenship Policy

The Turnout Inversion: Poverty, Participation, and Local Elections in Europe

Stata Packages:

Estrat: Endogenous Stratification for Randomized Experiments (paper)
ssc install estrat, all replace

KRLS: Kernel-Based Regularized Least Squares (paper)
ssc install krls, all replace