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Determinants of Refugee Naturalization in the United States
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Forthcoming. With N Mossad, J Hainmueller, D Lawrence, J Weinstein

Voting Rights and Immigrant Incorporation: Evidence from Norway
British Journal of Political Science, 2018. With Henning Finseraas and Johannes Bergh. pdf

Improving Refugee Integration through Data-driven Algorithmic Assignment
Science, 2018. With K Bansak, J Hainmueller, A Dillon, D Hangartner, D Lawrence, J Weinstein. pdf

Explaining Public Opposition to Refugee Resettlement: The Role of NIMBYism and Perceived Threats
Science Advances, 2017. With DJ Flynn and Yusaku Horiuchi. pdf

KRLS: A Stata Package for Kernel-Based Regularized Least Squares
Journal of Statistical Software, 2017. With Jens Hainmueller and Chad Hazlett. pdf

Political Devolution and Resistance to Foreign Rule: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
American Political Science Review, 2014. With Nicholas L. Miller. pdf | data | response

Electoral Consequences of Declining Participation: A Natural Experiment in Austria
Electoral Studies, 2014. pdf

Book Project:

The Politics of Proximity: Local Redistribution in Developed Democracies

Working Papers:

Immigration and Local Redistribution

How Distributional Conflict over In-Kind Benefits Generates Support for Anti-Immigrant Parties
(with Charlotte Cavaille)

Populism as a Reaction to Local Disruption: Evidence from European Municipalities

How Settlement Locations and Local Networks Influence Immigrant Political Integration
(with B Bratsberg, H Finseraas, A Kotsadam)

Pull Factors and Migration Preferences: Evidence from the Middle East and North Africa (with Justin Gest)

Immigrant Voting Rights and Local Incumbency Advantage (with Guillermo Toral)

The Turnout Inversion: Poverty, Participation, and Local Elections in Europe

Stata Packages:

Estrat: Endogenous Stratification for Randomized Experiments (paper)
ssc install estrat, all replace

KRLS: Kernel-Based Regularized Least Squares (paper)
ssc install krls, all replace